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Code of Conduct for Students

  • Do not indulge in ragging activities. Ragging is a punishable offence.
  • Do not indulge in smoking – The College is a NO SMOKING ZONE
  • Work for a clean, green, plastic-free College
  • Do not zoom around the college campus on motorbikes disturbing the academic ambience of the college
  • Do not indulge in honking and removal of silencers of vehicles
  • Park vehicles at the specified parking lots and walk to the classrooms and examination halls
  • Wear decent dress that does not attract undue attention
  • Do not waste time at the College canteen
  • Follow the time schedules, rules and regulations of the institution examinations
  • Be present in the examination hall half an hour before the commencement of the examination
  • Understand the evaluation system of the college
  • Complete the chosen course within the stipulated time schedule
  • Students should attend meetings, functions and other activities of the college in time
  • Students are expected to look at the notice boards everyday

Code of conduct for teaching and non- teaching staff

  • Teachers must report in time to duty as per the working hours prescribed and should be available in campus
  • Teachers should sign the attendance register while reporting for duty
  • Teachers should handle the subjects assigned by the Head of the Department
  • Teachers should complete the syllabus in time
  • Teachers should be good counselors, facilitators, mentors and role models. They should help, guide, encourage, and assist the students to ensure that the Teaching-Learning process is effective and successful
  • Teachers should carry out other academic, co-curricular and institutional activities that may be assigned to them from time to time
  • Teachers are encouraged to write text books, publish articles and present papers in seminars and conferences
  • Teachers are encouraged to attend Faculty Development Programs, Quality Improvement Programs to update their knowledge
  • All the teachers must report for duty on the re-opening day and the last working day of each semester
  • Any instructions issued by the competent authority by way of Circulars and Notices from time to time must be complied with
  • Heads of the Departments must submit the Department’s time table and individual teacher’s time tables to the Principal before the commencement of the academic year. Any change must also be reported to the Principal in writing
  • Non Teaching staff working in the college office or departments should be available in campus during the college hours
  • Non Teaching staff assigned to the laboratories should keep the labs clean
  • Non Teaching staff assigned to the laboratories shall maintain a stock register for all the articles, equipments, chemicals in the lab.
  • Non Teaching staff shall sign in the attendance registers while reporting for duty
  • Non Teaching staff working in office should maintain the service records of all employees and periodically update them
  • All the staff members should display the highest possible standards of professional behavior that is required in an educational institutional establishment

Code of conduct for the Principal and Administrative staff

  • To run the administration in a transparent manner
  • To abide by the guidelines of UGC and Telangana State Council for Higher Education (TSCHE)
  • To delegate authority and follow the principle of decentralization
  • To strive for quality sustenance in all the institutional activities, decisions and processes
  • To maintain decency and discipline on the college campus
  • To be impartial towards staff and students
  • To keep the institution’s flag flying high
  • To always act in good faith and the best interests of the college
  • To be fair and reasonable and act in a just manner
  • To address all the eco-concerns in the campus and make the campus environment friendly
  • To involve all the stakeholders and facilitate participative management