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Department Of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry is the largest Department of Nizam College. B.Sc program was started way back in 1918 and M.Sc. in 1967. It is the first department to have Chemistry PG program outside the University Campus. The Alumni include stalwarts like Prof. T. Navaneeth Rao, Prof. M. M. Taqui Khan. The Department offers UG (5 combinations), PG (Physical chemistry with Polymer Chemistry as Elective and Inorganic chemistry with Bioinorganic Chemistry as Elective), PG (Organic chemistry with medicinal chemistry), PG (Pharmacoinformatics), M.Sc Five year integrated Course in Chemistry (FYIC) and three Certificate Courses under Career Oriented Programmes. In Osmania University the Polymer Chemistry elective is offered only at Nizam College and Bioinorganic Chemistry elective is offered at Nizam college and Women’s College (outside the campus). The department has strong faculty working in the fields of Bioinorganic chemistry, Cheminformatics and Molecular modeling, Spectroscopy, Synthetic chemistry and Chemical kinetics. Similar to Nizam College, the Department has also many firsts to its credit: First department to have PG program in chemistry outside the O.U. Campus, First in India to introduce molecular modeling in M.Sc. (Chemistry) curriculum, First in India to introduce Cheminformatics as an add-on course at B.Sc level. The Department is offering 3 career oriented courses in Cheminformatics, Industrial Analytical Chemistry and Synthetic Chemistry; 2 PG Diploma Programmes in Chemical Analysis and Quality Assurance, Cheminformatics.

Chemistry Department has started B. Sc course way back in 1918. It has been upgrading the course content regularly, the latest being in 2009. The B. Sc programme at Nizam College is the most sought after, not only in the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad but also outside of it. The cut off percentage or admission into the B. Sc programme is above 87% in the qualifying exam, the highest among the Colleges affiliated to Osmania University. The admissions to M .Sc, Chemistry are through a common entrance exam conducted by Osmania University.

The Department of Chemistry is well funded by various national funding agencies like DST, UGC, BSR, SAP, CPE, apart from the regular autonomy grant, foundation grant from UGC etc., for infrastructure and laboratory development. B. Sc students attend summer workshops at various national research centres like IISc, University of Hyderabad, JNSCAR Banglore and are selected for their summer project programme on a competitive basis at national level. Two students have been awarded DST-INSPIRE scholarships.

Department of Chemistry, Nizam College is the biggest department with 51 faculty members. It constitutes well qualified, faculty (12 Professors, 39 Contract) who constantly strive for academic excellence and dissemination of knowledge to its student community. The faculty is active in its research endeavors, are resource persons in conducting orientation programmes, refresher courses held by Academic staff college O.U. for other affiliated college teachers under the Osmania University region. Many of them have a stint of post doctoral research experience in countries like USA, Germany, Taiwan, South Africa, France etc. The faculty organizes and participates in national and international seminars on a regular basis. A Science Club was constituted in 2007, at Nizam College, to invite guest speakers who are experts in different fields. Guest lectures are conducted regularly with an aim to expose the Science Students to latest trends in various research fields. This is a forum of all science faculty and students and also science lovers from other departments. In the social front many are members of voluntary social organizations like Dr. A. S. Rao Awards Council. Dr. A. S. Rao Awards Council is organizing orientation and training programmes for the school and college teachers and conducting project trainings for school children in collaboration with Ratan Tata Trust. Two of the professors are also on the editorial committee of the quarterly magazine “Vigyana Malika” published by the DRASRAC and distributed freely for school teachers.

Chemistry laboratories were established way back in 1918 for B.Sc level, the department is preserving the primeval apparatus like Cathode tube, ozonizer and it is also preserving 57 elements present in the periodic table in their pure physical state.

Department has an air-conditioned computers lab with 15 systems connected to a central server. All the computers are hooked to university internet hub with a provision to access all Journals of SCI finder and ACS publications through internet FLIB net facility under UGC all India University programme. The Department has got Computational Chemistry & Molecular Modeling Software from Schrödinger Company, USA that is used in many Pharmaceutical Labs and Research Institutes. This is used in the teaching of add-on course in cheminformatics for UG students and regular PG students. The Department is housing the analytical lab and has these instruments Atomic Absorption Spectrometer, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer, Water Quality Analyser, Dissolved Oxygen Meter, Fluorimeter, Electrophorisis equipment, TDS meter, Polarograph, BOD/COD analyzer, Ultra centrifuge.

Faculty Profiles

    Dr.Sireesha.B Asst.Prof.&Head
    Dr.B.Sakram Asst.Prof.
    Dr.Y.Hemasri Asst.Prof.
    Dr.A.Krishnam Raju Asst.Prof.
    Dr.M.Radhika Asst.Prof.
    Dr.P.Saritha Rajender Asst.Prof.
    Dr.Someshwar Pola Asst.Prof.
    Dr.B.Vijaya Kumar Asst.Prof.
    Dr.P.Muralidhar Reddy Asst.Prof.
    Dr.B.Yadagiri Asst.Prof.
    Dr. K. Ashwini Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mrs. P. Revathi Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mrs. G. Dhanalakshmi Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr.Ashok Kumar Baswa Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. S. Sreekanth Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms.R. Kavitha Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr.L. Yamini Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr.K. Krishna Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr.K. Ravi Kiran Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. J. Mohan Babu Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. V. Naveen Reddy Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. M. Satish Kumar Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. S. Prasad Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. S. Guru Raj Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. A. V. Aparna Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms. K. Sudeepa Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr. K. Kiran Kumar Asst.Prof(Contract)