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Department Of Informatics MCA/BCA/M.sc(IS)

The department of computer science (MCA) in Nizam College was established in the year 2005, its prototype was BCA department which was established in 2000, however it was discontinued, and later M.Sc. (IS) was started in 2001. Thus the department is offering undergraduate and post graduate courses. It is a self finance department affiliated to university. The department has started a certificate course in Health Sciences in association with English department in Dec 2006. The department consists of 12 Academic consultants, 4 part timers, 4 programmers, 1 hardware engineer as teaching faculty. there are about 200 students in the department studying in MCA, M.Sc. (IS), and health sciences of them M.S.c (IS) comprise foreign students from countries like Iran, Syria, Palestina, Kenya. The department subscribes computer magazines to keep abreast with latest developments. M.Sc (IS) course curriculum has soft skills paper to improve their communication skills. Special classes are conducted for non-computer background students to improve their computer knowledge in the 1st semester of MCA.

Faculty Profiles

    Ms. Humera Shaziya Asst.Prof(Contract) & Head
    Mr. T. Ramdas Naik Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr. M. Yesurathnam Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms. S. Sravanthi Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms. G. Kavitha Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr.MD. Nayemuddin Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms. Subhani Begum Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Ms. P. P. Parameswari Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr. Shaik Tanveer Ahmed Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr.O. Subhash Chander Goud Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr. M. Purna Chary Asst.Prof(Contract)