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Department Of Sociology

The Department of Sociology is one of the largest Departments in Nizam College offering both UG courses, PG courses, Career Oriented Add on courses along with research guidance at M.Phil and PhD levels. The Department of Sociology, Nizam College is an offshoot of the evolution, growth and development of ninety years of sociological endeavors in Osmania University. The important objectives of the courses offered are:

• To impart basic knowledge and values pertaining to social living through the various theoretical contents and practical exercises

• To sensitize the students about various issues of evolving social developments, social problems and social milieu.

• To provide a platform to the students to equip themselves to secure good careers and jobs along with a socially responsible attitude and action towards nation building

The combinations offered by the Department of Sociology, Nizam College at UG level are

• Sociology, History, Geography

• Sociology, Psychology, Philosophy

• Sociology, Psychology, Marketing (Self Finance course)

The PG centre at Nizam College emphasizes on Development and Participatory Research with field work in practical papers in MA Previous (PRA Field studies) and Final (Survey Method). Most significantly at PG level there is emphasis on student centered learning.

PRA Method

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) is a form of participatory research, deeply rooted in participation. It is a method by which a researcher or research team can quickly and systematically collects information for the general analysis of a specific problem or issue, assessing the needs of a particular community or area. The students are taken for a weeklong fieldwork to an identified area with the assistance of an NGO, which is active in the region. The students with the assistance of field supervisors and the local community try to understand the area in all its facets using various PRA methods. The students themselves understand the socio-economic, geo-topographical, psycho-cultural set up of the area under the study. The experience and interaction with the community and their stay with the rural/tribal community is immensely enriching since they witness the grass root realities of the society. The various exercises of PRA can be facilitated only with community participation thus they realize the power in community participation, which definitely at a subconscious level makes them community sensitive, responsible and more participative

Survey Method

In survey method students take up any research topic under the supervision of the faculty. The steps in survey include a brief review of literature, formulation of the questionnaire or an interview schedule on the basis of the type of the study. After the consolidation of the research tools, they collect the data from the field. After the fieldwork they tabulate, analyse and interpret the data. Then they write the report of the same. Survey as a tool of self-learning acts as a strong interface between the students and social issues, concerns and problems of the society. Data collection is a significant tool of exposure to diversity in the society.

The Department is offering 03 Add on Courses

• Certificate Courses in Human Relations and Personality Development (January 2007).

• Diploma in Criminology and Correctional Administration (February 2007)

• Diploma in Development Management Studies and Development Research Methodologies (February 2009) in collaboration with A.P. Academy of Rural Development, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh

Faculty Profiles

    Sri Aijaz - Ur-Rahman Asso. Prof&Head
    Dr.Vinitha Panday Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr.R.Ravikumar Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mr.K. Bhavani Shankar Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Mrs.Bhanumathi shastry Asst.Prof(Contract)
    Dr.D. Thirupathi Asst.Prof(Contract)