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Governing Body

The present Governing Body of the College has the following composition:

  • Chairperson
    Prof. T. P. Radha Krishnan

    Professor of Chemistry

    University of Hyderabad

  • Members

    Dr. R. Raji Reddy
    Director, R & D,
    Hetero Drugs Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad.

    Dr. Syed Mehartaj
    Associate professor(Human Rights)
    Center Federal Studies
    Faculty of Islamic studies and social studies
    Hamdard University, New Delhi- 110062.

    Prof. V. Shekhar
    Principal, College of Commerce &
    Business Management, Osmania University.

    Prof. G. Veerabhadram
    Head, Dept.of Chemistry
    University College of Science
    Osmania University.

    Prof. S.A. Shukoor
    Department of URDU
    Nizam College, Osmania University

  • Convenor and Ex-Officio Member Secretary

    Prof.Syed Rahman
    Nizam College
    Osmania University