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Nizam College NCC unit has a strength of 134 cadets, with Lt. Gangadhar as Associate NCC Officer. Cadet Anil Bukhya participated in Republic Day Parade, New Delhi, 2015; he was also selected for Youth Exchange Programme to go abroad. Six cadets, M.Naresh,( two gold medals and one bronze medal); M. Prasanth( One gold and one silver medal) J.Rajaram,( TSC IDLS) Pinky Kumari ( three gold medals) H.Preethi Reddy ( one Silver Medal) A.Shivani Reddy ( one Bronze medal) were selected for all India Thal Sainik Camp, New Delhi. Two cadets, Pinky Kumari and K.Rajender participated in Special national integration camp at Lakshadweep and Kakinada respectively. S .Poornima has been selected to participate in Special camp in April 2015 in Lakshadweep Islands. Nine cadets, have participated in national integration camps held at UP, Gujarat, Assam, Warangal. Eight cadets have participated in Army Attachment camps.