Department of Physics

The Science Department of Nizam College had a glorious history with Physics and chemistry as major subjects.. The Department of Physics was established in the year 1895. The Department had only B.Sc. teaching programme up to 1947, when Nizam College was affiliated to Madras University. The very next year to the platinum jubilee of Nizam College ie 1966, the post graduation course in Physics was introduced under the leadership of Prof. P G Puranik, who was the Principal of Nizam College and Head Department of physics. The intake of students was twelve. Electronics was the only special subject in the final year of M.Sc. Subsequently, when the intake was increased from 12 to 20, the Department had to offer one more special subject at M.Sc. Final year level as the laboratories for a single special subject could not cope up with greater number of students. Hence, Biophysics was introduced as special subject in the year 1971. The Department is actively engaged in both Teaching and Research in Physics and Biophysics.

Faculty profiles »

Prof.Syed.Rahman Professor & Principal
Dr.N.V.Prasad Asst.Prof
Dr.Hima Bindu Pitta Asst.Prof&Head
Dr.M.Sreenath Reddy Asst.Prof
Dr.Kaleem Ahmed Jaleeli Asst.Prof
Dr.G.Upender Asst.Prof
Dr.Y.Kalyana Lakshmi Asst.Prof
Dr.L. Balachander Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr.R.Saranga Pani Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr.P. Manohar Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr. M. Keshwvulu Goud Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr.Abdul Hameed Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr.V. Venkatesh Asst.Prof(Contract)
Mr. A. Venu Gopal Rao Asst.Prof(Contract)
Ms. D. Mahija Asst.Prof(Contract)
Mr. Sriramadasu Venkataiah Asst.Prof(Contract)
Mr. P. Murali Mohan Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr. Shashidhar Bale Asst.Prof(Contract)
Dr. Y. Markandeya Asst.Prof(Contract)