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Academics are strengthened with not only new courses but Regular Syllabus Revision. The syllabus revision takes into account the inputs from the industry and alumni interaction. Continuous evaluation with quiz, slip tests, internal tests and seminars make the class room teaching interesting. It has a considerable number of foreign students in the Institution.

प्रकल्प विंथी

The commitment to academic excellence is seen in the encouragement and motivation given towards students of the college as well as facilitating outside students to pursue projects. All UG and PG final year students do a project in the final semester. Many students are engaged in Projects and Interships

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संशोधन केंद्र

The faculty is encouraged with leave and financial assistance to take part in conferences and FDPs to familiarize themselves with the current issues and emerging areas of research.

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न्यायकत्वम कुशलता

The world needs not only academicians but also efficient administrators. So the institution provides teachers and students especially with many roles in various committees to hone their leadership abilities. With an approach that believes in decentralization and participative management methodology in all the activities, Nizam College empowers all the Heads of the departments, teaching and non- teaching staff to be pro-active and develop their management and administrative ability. Students’ representatives and Student members in many committees are encouraged to emerge as future leaders.

आदित्य सम्प्रदी

The illustrious alumni of the College have occupied many prominent positions in various fields of the society. The alumni meet regularly for various intellectual exercises, suggestions for the improvement and they contribute in financial matters and placements. The Alumni have been instrumental in instituting 24 gold Medals for meritorious students thereby augmenting the academic with a competitive spiri

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संपूर्ण छत्रवृद्दी

Nizam College encourages students in NSS, NCC, Sports, co-curricular and Extra- curricular activities.Apart from NSS units, many other students take active role in volunteering through various departments and organizations

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Nizam College has adopted modern approaches by using technology and automation process wherever possible

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Mentoring: Since Academics are the backbone, the College has an effective Mentoring system through which students are counseled effectively to focus on academic

Remedial Classes and Bridge Courses: Various department like English, Mathematics, Science and Computers and Informatics conduct need based courses on a regular basis to ensure that slow learners are not left behind.

EEOC, CEDM and Placement Cell: All these three bodies play a vital role in identifying students, explore the job opportunities, impart training and coaching, and conduct placement drives.