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Department Of Sanskrit

The Department was started in 1887. Sanskrit was offered as a Second Language and as an Optional Subject in Intermediate at initial level. B.A., B.Com. & B.Sc. Courses started with Sanskrit as Second Language and as an optional (Classical Language). Junior and Senior Diploma's Self Financed (Evening Courses) started in 1990. Sanskrit was an optional (Classical Language) subject 1990-2002. Junior and Senior Diploma's Self Financed (Evening Courses) were offered up to 2006.

The Scholars of National and International repute like Professor Kuruganti Sitaramaiah, Garikapati Lakshmikanthaiah, Prof. B. R. Shastry, Prof.K. Kamala and Dr. Ananda Tirtha Varkhedkar were associated with the Department of Sanskrit.

At present there are 305(236 Boys & 69 Girls) students studying Sanskrit as a second language in various streams at Under Graduate level. Dr. Vidyanand Arya (Head of the Department) and Dr.K. Venkateswarlu (Assistat Professor(C) ) are the faculty in the Department of Sanskrit. The syllabus of 1st and 2nd semesters was revised in 2009 and syllabus of 3rd and 4th semesters was revised in 2010.

The faculty of the Department of Sanskrit is publishing research papers in National and International seminars. Department faculties have presented 40 research papers in national and international seminars. 4 books and 22 Research papers of faculties have been published in various National and International journals. Dr. Vidyanand Arya, who is Head of the Department, is monitoring a Major Project of UGC (2009-2011). There are 252 books available in the Seminar Library of Sanskrit Department.

In future, The Department plans to organize National Seminars, Sanskrit day celebrations and planning to invite lecturers and professors for guest lectures. Department is planning to offer junior and senior diplomas in Sanskrit. And the Department is planning to re-introducing the B.A. Optional Subject as Classical Language


Dr. G. Prakash is an assistant professor in the department of Sanskrit Nizam college ou from february 2018.He completed MA. Sanskrit from Kakatiya University in 2000.He completed M. Phil. In 2013 from Osmania University and he also completed his Ph. D. In 2020.He has published 16 research articles in National and International journals. He presented 24 research articles in National and international seminars and Conferences. He is a member of BOS in Sanskrit Dept. In Nizam college. He has successfully completed a minor research project sponsored by UGC SERO Telangana State. He received Global teacher award by AKS Education Awards 2020.He has qualified SET UGC In 2015.