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Examination Branch

About Exam Branch

Nizam College has a well established Examination Branch in a spacious building. It has modern equipment and adequate experienced teaching and nonteaching staff for conducting examinations for about 2,500 Undergraduate students, offering various Under Graduate and Diploma courses under various faculties. The functioning of the entire examination branch including the spot valuation centre is constantly monitored through state-of-the-art equipment to ensure confidentiality and security of all staff involved in the functioning of the branch. Data storage and backup is access protected. Certificates / Documents issued by the branch have many security features with constant up gradation of technology in various aspects.


  1. Fully automated examination branch.
  2. Declaration of results within 15 working days from the last date of Examinations.
  3. The Results include Regular CBCS and Backlog-CBCS and Non-CBCS.
  4. Well established Spot Valuation Centre at Nizam College.
  5. Online entry of Internals and Practical marks.
  6. Students booked under Malpractice were given Show Cause Notice and were called for Defense and Counselling.
  7. In addition to the Internal Squads from Osmania University were invited during the examinations.

75% attendance both in theory and practical courses (wherever applicable) is mandatory for candidates to be eligible to appear for the semester examination. All students who represent the College in inter-collegiate, inter-varsity, National and international competitions are eligible for attendance exemption of 8 weeks per year; that is, 4weeks per semester or the period of the competition, whichever is less.

Examinations for I, III and V semesters are held in November each year after 15 weeks of instruction. There are no detentions at the end of I, III and V semesters. However they have to register for examinations.

Examinations for II, IV & VI semesters are held in March-April each year after 15 weeks of instruction. There is detention system at the end of II and IV semesters.

Registration for Examination: All students undergoing regular courses of study have to register for every semester exam by paying the requisite exam fee, filling the examination form and obtaining the hall ticket before appearing for the said exam.

  1. At the end of II semester candidates, who do not have more than 50% backlog papers of the I and II semesters together will be promoted to III semester.
  2. At the end of IV semester candidates who do not have more than 25% backlog papers in all from I to IV semesters together, will be promoted to V semester.
  3. Along with the regular semester exams, backlogs of all the semesters will be conducted.

A Candidate’s promotion to subsequent semesters is subject to regular Attendance (75%), payment of fee (including exam fee), and good conduct.

Any student failing to clear dues such as College fees, hostel dues special fees, self-financing fees, etc., shall not be eligible for promotion. Even if a student is eligible for any kind of scholarship, he/she has to clear all the above dues by the time he/she appears for the examination of that academic year.

Every student is required to complete his/her course of study within 6 years from the date of admission, after which he/she will not be permitted to appear for any more examinations. The date of admission of a students admitted on transfer from other institutions will be notionally treated on par with his/her batch mates.

If 30% of all the candidates appeared in a particular paper are not passed.

If 70% of the candidates appearing in a particular paper have not secured 55% and above marks.

If one of the above conditions is fulfilled but not the other, then ONE MODERATION can be applied. i.e.., 5% of the maximum marks of the paper are to be added to all the candidates.

That is, for……   0 – 50  Maximum Marks Paper - 3 Marks to be added
51 – 75   Maximum Marks Paper  -  4 Marks to be added
76 & above  Maximum Marks Paper  -  5 Marks to be added If both the above conditions are fulfilled, then TWO MODERATIONS can be applied. (The second moderation is same).
0 – 50    Maximum Marks Paper  -  3 + 3 = 6 Marks to be added
51 – 75    Maximum Marks Paper  -  4 + 4 = 8 Marks to be added
76 & above   Maximum Marks Paper  -  5 + 5 = 10 Marks to be added



1 Possession of Prohibited Electronic gadgets, Papers, Books, Notes etc. 1. Debarred from the examinations.
2 Examination related matter written on Body, Clothes, Instruments, Wrappings etc. 2. Cancellation of paper/all the papers.
3 Writing on the Walls, Furniture, Scales, Hall Tickets on Question Papers. 3. Cancellation of result.
4 Examinee disclosing his identity to the examiner in any manner. 4. Dealt with as per law.
5 Making any appeal to the paper valuer in the answer book. 5. Prohibition of admission/continuation.
6 Using abusive and obscene language in the answer book.    
7 Destroying prohibited material with a view to destroy the evidence.   Any of the above punishments as per the gravity of malpractice.
8 Refusing to obey the instructions of the Chief Supdt./Invigilator.    
9 Smuggling an Answer Book/Addl. Answer Book / Matter into or out of the Examination Hall.    
10 Inserting or removing of any pages from the Answer Book/Addl. Answer Sheet.    
11 Substituting wholly or partly an Answer Book/Addl. Answer Sheet.    
12 Impersonation