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Department Of Microbiology

The Department offers Microbiology as an optional for B.Sc. Degree course. The course was started in 1984 with an intake of 15 students and the combination was Microbiology, Botany & Chemistry. Subsequently the course was offered along with Genetics and Chemistry besides the above combinations. Presently the combination offered is Microbiology, Genetics & Chemistry.


In addition to the above mentioned under graduate courses the department has offered courses in Microbiology to students of B.Sc. (Biophysics) and B.Sc. (Seed Technology) and Fundamentals of Microbiology to B.Sc. (Biotechnology). The department has rendered assistance in practical training to students M.Sc. (Zoology), Nizam College and B.Tech. (Biotechnology) of BVRIT College.The Microbiology curriculum is offered in the semester pattern spread over three years with two semesters per year. The papers include: General Microbiology, Virology& Microbial physiology, Molecular Biology & Microbial Genetics, Immunology and Antimicrobial Agents, Microbial Biotechnology I & II, Food and Agricultural Microbiology and Medical Microbiology.

The department has received UGC-BSRG grant in 2007-08, which was utilized for the strengthening of lab facilities .The department has also received financial assistance from DBT during 2009-10 under Star Status Scheme. The department has established a well sophisticated lab with the major grants from UGC-BSRG, DBT, allocated funds from CPE-XI plan, 12B, annual Autonomy grant and Self-Finance grant etc.

A centre of excellence for learning in Microbiology and to provide education for graduate student with quality, morality, perform research and laboratory service with excellence
The mission of the Department of Microbiology is to educate and train students in the discipline of Microbiology and to expand the body of knowledge of this scientific field through research projects. The specific goals of the Department are to:

  1. Offer course to enhance the intellectual foundation and preparation of students for life in a complex, dynamic technological world
  2. Prepare students with in-depth knowledge and research skills for professional careers in Microbiology;
  3. Enhance opportunities for research and scholarship for faculty members as well as undergraduate and graduate students
  4. Preserve, add to, evaluate, and transmit knowledge in the field of Microbiology; andServe society by promoting science.


Dr Chand Pasha, born in March 1975, hails from Nizamabad district of Telangana State. Completed Master's and Doctoral degree in Microbiology from Osmania University. Completed Patent Course from Nalsar University of Law Hyderabad. Dr. Chand Pasha is involved in protein engineering in UGC, DST, TIFAC and DBT projects. Constructed in-house vector for yeast surface display of proteins. Three cellulases (endocellulase, Cellobiohydrolase. Beta-glucosidase) were engineered & cloned in developed vector under Gal promoter and maximum surface display was achieved. MSc and PhD from Osmania University campus. JRF and SRF from DBT Government of India. Patent PG diplomas from Nalsar University and WIPO. Having teaching and research experience of over two decades in the areas of Microbiology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Biochemistry . Research interests include genetic and protein engineering, yeast surface display, therapeutic small peptides, bioethanol production, Bacteriophages and Molecular diagnostics. Best Poster award at ICBF and BRSI”2009. Best Poster award at National Symposium on “Perspectives of Genomics and Proteomics”2009. Best Hall presentation award at IISF2 2016 at NPL New Delhi.Best Poster presentation award at IISF2 2016 at NPL New Delhi BEST INNOVATION AWARD for Novel and cheaper Calorimeter by Indian Science Congress at Department of Physiscs, University of Mumbai. Completed UGC,DST, TIFAC and DBT major research projects. Published 50 national and international research papers and 45 books in the areas of Microbiology, Molecular biology, Immunology, Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Nutrition. . Filed and published 24 patents and granted 4 Indian Patents. Submitted 60 Gene bank submissions and two whole genome sequences. Life member of Indian Science Congress Association, Association of Microbiologists of India and Biotech Research Society of India.

Dr. Anju Nititn Rajan, completed Masters and Doctorate in Microbiology from Nagpur University. During her doctorate has worked for diagnosis of tuberculosis in Central India Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur. Worked as DBT fellow in 2003-2004 for development of Kit for diagnosis of M Tb. PhD work was about Significance of 65kD HSp in diagnosis of tuberculosis and tuberculous meningitis. Antibody extraction and characterization. 15 research publications,2 Patents. Teaching Experience of 9 yrs. Experience of several lab techniques including PCR, GC and HPLC. Experience of guiding BSc, MSc, BTech , MTech Research students for projects. Attended and participated in various National / International conferences. Currently working as an Part time lecturer in Department of Microbiology at Nizam college (Autonomous), Osmania University, Hyderabad since August 2019. Responsible for carrying out teaching and research duties. Involved in the research and designing of new courses and materials. Responsible for the departmental administrative tasks. Providing mentoring, advice and support to students on a personal level.