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Department of Informatics – Profile

Welcome to the Department of Informatics at Nizam College! Department of informatics was established in 1999-2000.At the Department of Informatics, we are committed to preparing students for success in the dynamic field of informatics, which encompasses a wide range of disciplines including computer science, data science, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and more. Through our diverse programs and interdisciplinary approach, we empower students to become versatile professionals capable of tackling complex challenges and driving meaningful change in society.

Vision:To be a globally recognized hub of innovation and excellence in informatics education, research, and industry collaboration, shaping the future of technology-driven advancements and societal impact.

Mission: The Department of Informatics aims to provide a dynamic learning environment that fosters creativity, critical thinking, and technical expertise in the field of informatics. Through innovative research, experiential learning opportunities, and industry partnerships, we empower students to become leaders in technology and contribute positively to society.

Programs Offered:

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) – (90 Intake)
  • BSc Computer Science (Honours) - (60 Intake)

Postgraduate Programs:

  • Master of Computer Applications (MCA) – (60 intake)

Other Programs:

  • Diploma in Data Analytics (1 year)
  • Certificate Course on Computer Fundamentals (6 Months)

In addition to the above-mentioned programs, the department also extends its offerings to include courses in Computer Science tailored for students enrolled in B.Sc. (Data Science), BBA, BA, and B. Com programs.

Staff Details:

  • Assistant Professors (C): 10
  • Assistant Professors (PT): 6
  • Programmers: 4
  • Non-teaching Staff: 4

Key Features:

  • Interdisciplinary Approach: Our curriculum integrates computer science, Mathematics and other relevant disciplines to provide a comprehensive understanding of informatics.
  • Experiential Learning: Students engage in hands-on projects, internships, and research opportunities to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world challenges.
  • Industry Connections: We maintain strong partnerships with leading tech companies, research institutions, and government agencies to facilitate internships, guest lectures, and career placement.
  • Faculty Expertise: Our faculty members are renowned experts in their respective fields, conducting groundbreaking research and contributing to advancements in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology.

Career Opportunities: Graduates of our programs pursue diverse career paths in industries such as technology, healthcare, finance, government, and academia. Potential roles include:

Software Engineer, Data Scientist, Research Scientist, User Interface (UI) Designer, Cybersecurity Analyst, IT Consultant.


The Department of Arabic was established in the year 1887 and is one of the oldest departments of the college. The Department has received services from eminent teachers like Dr. Zahed Ali, Prof Mohammad Abdul Moid Khan who were deputed to Oxford University for advanced studies. Prof Syed Ibrahim Nadvi was the first Head to have organized a three day national seminar in 1986 on 'Contributions of Indian scholars to Arabic language.' In recognition to the meritorious

Mr. M. Purnachary is working as the I/C Head, Department of Informatics at Nizam College and has been a dedicated member of the Nizam College community since July 2010. Mr. Purnachary is a highly qualified professional, holding a Master of Technology (M.Tech) in Computer Science and Engineering, as well as a Master of Computer Applications (MCA), both earned from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) in Hyderabad. He has demonstrated his commitment to academic excellence by qualifying for the Andhra Pradesh State Eligibility Test (APSET)and successfully passing the UGC National Eligibility Test (NET) for lectureship. Mr. Purnachary is actively pursuing advanced studies, focusing on a Ph.D. in Computer Science & Engineering at Osmania University. Having already submitted his Ph.D. thesis, he now eagerly awaits its evaluation and the subsequent award. Throughout his tenure at Nizam College, Mr. Purnachary has been instrumental in delivering knowledge and expertise to his students. He has imparted wisdom on a range of subjects, including Data Science, covering areas such as Big Data and Data Mining, as well as programming languages like Java and Advanced Java. Additionally, he has shared his insights on other vital subjects, including computer networks, UNIX programming, operating systems, and database management systems (DBMS). Mr. Purnachary's dedication to Nizam College extends beyond teaching as he actively engages in its development. He served as an assistant IQAC Coordinator for one year and is currently involved in the Website Committee and other committees, all aimed at fostering the growth and enhancement of the institution. His enthusiasm for research and academic growth is evident through his extensive participation in national workshops and seminars. Furthermore, Mr. Purnachary has made notable contributions to the field of computer science and Engineering by publishing 12 papers in international journals and conferences. His research contribution, titled XLNet-LSTM, was recognized with the Best Paper Award in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Its Applications at the International Conference Computers, Management & Mathematical Sciences (ICCM) 2023. This prestigious honor was bestowed during the conference, jointly organized by NIRIST, California State University, USA, and Emlyon Business School France. His areas of interest and specialization encompassNatural Language Processing and Deep Learning, demonstrating his commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and contributing to the ever-evolving field of informatics.

Mr. T, Ramdas Naik has been working as Asst. Professor(c) in the Department of Informatics in Nizam College since 1st June 2000, As a Coordinator, Dept of Informatics, from 13th, September-2013 to July-2018 and As a I/C Head of the Department Dept of Informatics, from August-2005 to September-2007. He received M. Tech. (CSE) from Osmania University, M.C.A from University of Hyderabad, and BE from Osmania University. He has qualified TS-SET eligibility tests for lecturer ship. Currently He is pursuing PhD in CSE from Osmania University. He has been handling projects for M.C.A &M. Sc. (IS) Students and guiding them in all the phases of Software Engineering. He has handled subjects on programming languages like C, C++, Java, and Advanced Java. In addition he has also dealt with subjects like Advance Algorithms, Web Programming, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Data Structures. Currently he is handling Principles of Object Oriented Programming using Java, Web Programming. He was the member of syllabus revision committee for M.C.A, B.C.A, M. Sc. (IS). he has attended several national workshops and seminars. Mr. T, Ramdas Naik has published several papers in international journals and conferences. His areas of interest include Data Mining, Text Mining and Web Mining.



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Dr. Humera Shaziya has been working as Assistant Professor in the department of Informatics, NizamCollege,anautonomousandconstituentcollegeofOsmaniaUniversitysinceJuly2004.Shehasservedas the head of the department from July 2018 to July 2020 and as chairperson board of studies for BCAprogramfrom2019to2020. Shehasreceived M.Sc(IS),M.Tech(CSE)and BCAeach with distinctionfrom Osmania University and has qualified UGC-NET and AP-SET eligibility tests for Lecturership in theyear 2012. She has been awarded the PhD (CSE) on the topic “Automatic Detection and Classification ofLung Cancer in Pulmonary CT Images using Deep Learning” during March 2023 under Visvesvaraya PhDscheme for Electronics and IT, Ministry of Electronics and IT, Government of India from department ofCSE, University College of Engineering, Osmania University. She has been teaching for around 20 years toPG programs. She has been handling courses on algorithms, artificial intelligence, machine learning,deep learning, data science and several other core courses of computer sciences. She has been guidingstudentsforcarryingoutmajorprojects.Furthermore,shehasbeenmentoringstudentsontheiracademicandpersonalaspects.Shehasdelivered10extensionlecturesandseminarsinvariouscolleges. Additionally, she has obtained 8 certificates from Coursera platform. She was the member ofseveral committees including IQAC, NAAC criterion committee, Women Empowerment Cell (WEC), andsyllabusrevisioncommittee.Shehasauthoredstudymaterialonmachinelearningandpythonprogramming courses for the Data Science program. She has served as reviewer for 10 researcharticles. She has attended over 100 national and international webinars, seminars, workshops, shortterm courses, FDPs and conferences. Her research areas are deep learning for medical imaging andtechnologyusageforimprovingthequalityofteaching-learninginclassrooms.

She has been teaching in the department of Informatics as an Assistant Professor( c) since 01-04-2004 and appointed as Head of the same department from 23-07-2020 to 23-07-2022 . She has received MTech(CS) from IETE Delhi, MSc(CS) from MDU Rohtak. She takes up classes for BCA, MSC(IS), MCA .Her areas of Specialization are Data warehouse and data mining, Java, Information Security, Formal Languages and compiling Techniques. She is also a project guide for BCA M.SC(IS), wherein she helps students in project selection, project planning, project implementation and project presentation, which helped the student community to a larger extent to be well-versed with projects, to know the necessity of projects and also helped them in updating themselves about the fast changing and growing technological aspects and because of which the students could competent placement opportunities. Many students have joined reputed software organizations and a few of them started their own firms as well. She was also a member of the anti-ragging committee of the college. She has attended several national and international seminars and workshops.

Mrs. G.Kavitha has been working as Asst. Professor(c) in the department of Informatics in Nizam Collegesince 01-07-2005.She appointed as Head of the same department on 22-07-2022 . She hasbeen handling projects for BCA Students and guiding them in all the phases of Software Engineering. Shehas handled subjects on programming languages like Python programming, Web Programming and DataStructures. In addition she has also dealt with subjects like Middleware Technologies, DistributedSystems,OperatingSystems,ElementsofInformationTechnology,Obje ctOrientedSystemDevelopment and C, C++, Java, Advanced Java, EJB, VB, Oracle. Currently she is handling OperatingSystems , and Web Technologies courses. She is the member of BOS for BCA. She has attended severalnational workshops and seminars also she has attended Faculty Development Programs. Ms. G.Kavithahas published papers in international journals and conferences. Her areas of interest include DataMining.

Mr.MD NAYEEMUDDIN has been working as Asst. Professor(c) in the department of Informatics in Nizam College since 01-08-2008. He has received M.Tech(CSE) from JNTU, MCA from Osmania University and pursuing PHD(IT) from Osmania University. He has handled subjects on programming languages like C,C++, Java, Python programming,Unix programming, PHP Programming and Data Structures. He is also dealing with subjects like Data Communication Networking, Computer Networks and Mobile Computing. Currently He is handling C programming and Data Science with R Subjects.He has guided project students in the final year.He has attended several national workshops, seminars, Webinars and Faculty Development Programs. He has published papers in international journals and conferences. His areas of interest include Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Inteligence and machine learning.

Mrs. Subhani begum working as Assistant Professor(c) in the department of informatics in Nizam College since 01-11-200 8. She did her MSC (Maths with computers) from Osmania University, Hyderabad. She taught for both UG and PG (MCA, MSC (IS), BCA). She handled projects for BCA students and guiding them in all the phases of Software Engineering. Participated in one day International conference on “Nano bio and material sciences” and two day National conference on “ Reforms in Higher Education” and also organized one workshop on data mining and big data.She participated in national webinar on “Battling Depression in Elderly during covid-19.

Mr. ShaikTanveer Ahmed has been working as Asst. Professor(c) in the department of Informatics in Nizam College since 01-02-2010. He has received M.C.A, and BScdegrees from Osmania University. Currently he is pursuing PhD in IT from Osmania University. He has been handling projects for BCA Students and guiding them in all the phases of Software Engineering. He has handled subjects on programming languages like C, C++, .NET Framework. In addition,he has also dealt with subjects like database management system, operating system, Unix programming, software Testing and Maintenance, System, Human Computer Interaction, Software Project Management and Network Administration, Information Security. Currently he is handling Programming using ASP.NET, Software Project Management and database management system Subjects. He has attended several national workshops and seminars. Mr. ShaikTanveer Ahmed has published several papers in international journals and conferences. His areas of interest include Machine Learning.

Mr.O.Subhash Chander Goud is working as Assistant Professor(Contract) since 03-august-2010 in the Department of Informatics has qualified MCA from University College of Science Saifabad affiliated to Osmania in 2009. And then he joined in the department as part time faculty and was absorbed as full time contract faculty. He started to teach the subjects like IT Hardware, Mobile Communications for BCA, Artificial Intelligence Digital Image Processing for M.Sc (I.S) , and Distrbuted Systems, Mobile Communications for MCA students. Later the syllabus is modified and now presently teaching subjects like Big Data, DataWarehousing and Data Mining , Artificial Intelligence for M.Sc (I.S), Business Intelligence for BCA .And also practical sessions are conducted by him for subjects like Big Data (using Hadoop1.x ) and also its subcomponents like PIG 0.X, Sqoop 1.X in the M.Sc (IS) lab for M.Sc people. And for M.Sc he also takes the practical sessions of Machine Learning tool called Weka. He also prepared Manual for Installation of Hadoop and its respective modules for Big Data Lab in a Stand Alone Mode. He makes students try the tool Weka and analyse the data sets thoroughly in the Lab and also some of such contributions of analysis are made through conference proceedings Like “Artificial Intelligence approach for Classifying Molecular Dataset using Density based technique with appropriate Euclidean Distance measure”,”Featured Based Pattern Analysis using Machine Learning And Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Multiple Featured Dataset” . He also published some articles in journals like IJEEE and IJECCE“ A Cognizance Discovery of Indian Railway through Modern Lucrative using PatternRecognitionandClassification”,”DensityBasedClusteringTechnique on Crop Yield Prediction”

SInce 2009 , teaching all computer science papers. I have enough knowledge about few of computer science subject in my experience, such as c, c++,software testing, digital principles,cloud computing, data communication,mobile computing etc. currently for ongoing semester i am handling digital principles and mobile computing .

Mrs. Bharathi has been working as Asst. Professor (PTL) in the department of Informatics in Nizam College since 21-12-2010 to Till Date. She has been handling projects for MCA Students and guiding them in all the phases of Software Engineering. She has handled subjects on theory like Software Engineering, Software Quality Testing, Distributed System, Object Oriented System Development, Operating Systems and Web Technologies courses. She has workshops and seminars also she has attended Faculty Development Programs. Mrs.Bharathi has published papers in international journals and conferences. She is pursuing PhD on Bats Detection on Agriculture Data using Deep Learning Techniques.

Mrs. Bathula Madhavi B.Tech., M.Tech. D/o. B. Veeraiah Working as Assistant Professor (PTL) in the Department of Informatics since 1 st January, 2014. Nizam College, Osmania University since 2014. She has teaching experience 8 years Graduate level and 6 years she has Handling Classes for M.C.A., B.C.A and AECC Paper for UG Courses. She has handled subjects of Fundamentals of information Technology, Discreate Mathematics, Computer Organization, Computer Architecture, Internet Protocol, Software Engineering, Computer Networks, Mobile Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Software quality Testing, Probability and Statistics, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, IT Hardware, Web Technology and these subjects’ related labs.

Iam ravinder working in this college since 8 years, my qualification is MCA and I teach for BCA,MCA,&MSc(is) courses, Iam a hard working man and my extra curriculum activities are playing cricket,and iam now ready eager to implement all I have learned in a productive and meaningful manner

Mr. KISHAN MALOTH, S/o. Ramchand Working as Assistant Professor (Part Time) in the Department of Informatics, He has a teaching experience 7 years & 9 months at Post Graduate & Graduate level. He has experience in teaching WEB PROGRAMMING,WEB ENGINEERING,UNIX PROGRAMMIMG,ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, DISCRETE MATHEMATICS,C & C++ theories is the most taught subjects. .

Mrs. CH.Esha has been working as Asst. Professor (partTime) in the department of Informatics in Nizam college since 1-10-2015. She has received MSc(IS), MBA, and BCA from Osmania university. She has been handling subjects on programming language like JAVA, Data structures, Digital principles for BCA , MCA. She also handling Information Technology for BUSINESS in the department of Management.