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Code of Ethics in Research 

Nizam College, is an epitome of nobility, benevolence, and royal nature which are distinctive of the erstwhile ruler of Nizam State. The college upholds the ideals of the establishment and continues the legacy of commitment and dedication to the cause of Higher education. It continues its vision and mission of contributing to the World at large, and the Nation in particular in terms of Academic Excellence, Research and Social Activism.

All those who enter the portals of Nizam College are bound to follow the Policy of Ethics by upholding these core values. From the Principal, the Faculty, Administration support staff and students all adhere to the following ideals.

  • Utmost commitment to the work assigned.
  • Dedication to their work and College.
  • Sincerity and honesty in discharging their duties.
  • Confidentiality and Secrecy of the sensitive information of the College to be maintained.
  • They shall comply with all orders from the Principal or the Vice-Chancellor that are issued from time to time.
  • Maintain universal values of love, kindness and compassion.
  • Uphold the ideals of fraternity, equality and respect towards one another.
  • Personal interests are always relegated to the secondary position and College is always at the higher stage.
  • Maintain the holistic, inclusive and secular values of the Institution, the Constitution and the Nation.
  • Desist from any activities that would demean the women staff and girls students.
  • Extend the warmth and hospitality that is characteristic of the Telangana State and the Nation to the International students (Atithi devo Bhava).
  • Maintain the decency of language, decorum and dress, and refrain from using abusive language, obscene behavior and provocative comments.
  • Usage of any animals and human beings for research and scientific purpose is not permitted. If required, permissions will be taken from the Institutional Ethical Committee.



Research Labs

Nizam College is proud of its laboratories with a variety of types of equipment and facilities for the students of different disciplines like Zoology, Physics, Microbiology, and Chemistry to conduct their experiments, work on their records, their research, etc. The students spend half of their day in the laboratories to learn, experiment, and research.

Research Guides

To continue as a centre of excellence in education and research and consolidate our position as a reputed institution of higher education in the country.

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ToBuild across the college a culture of excellence in teaching and learning along with support activities

Enhance college standing as the college of choice for students across the country, and cater to international standards of teaching and learning

• Provide the students with a teaching learning experience that develops in them the capacities for creativity, critical judgement, effective communication, and in-depth knowledge

Enhance interaction with industry/ business /academic in teaching programmes through guest lectures, seminars, adjunct faculty programs, and industrial/business/academic internships for students

Increase the participation of faculty from reputed national and international institutions in symposia/seminars/short-term courses for students and faculty

Ensure effective evaluation of teaching/ learning curricula, co-curricular opportunities of students and teachers

Provide incentives to teachers/learners for research and consultancy

To develop an environment-friendly campus.

• Be able to create innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs

Achieve excellence in application-oriented research in different areas so as to contribute to development of the region and the nation

Promote co-curricular activities for over-all personality development of the students

Develop responsible citizenship through awareness and acceptance of value based education

Simplify procedures and increase awareness towards individual accountability

Provide efficient administration and responsive support for all activities of the college

Provide remedial courses to preferentially admitted students and special attention to the physically challenged

Develop an environment friendly campus

Build alumni family, friends to create a network of allegiance & support for college

Be able to foster among alumni the pride in their alma mater.

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