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Almanac UG 2020-2021 Click here
Almanac UG 2019-2020 Click here
Almanac UG 2018-2019 Click here
Almanac UG 2017-2018 Click here
Almanac UG 2016-2017 Click here
BOS Minutes - All Departments- 2020-2021 Click here

Code CombinationsSyllabus
101 Mathematics, Physics, Chemistryclick here
103 Mathematics, Physics, Electronicsclick here
104 Mathematic, Electronics, Comp. Scienceclick here
105 Mathematic, Statistics, Comp. Scienceclick here
106 Mathematic, Comp. Hardware, Comp. Scienceclick here

Code CombinationsSyllabus
121 Botany, Zoology, Chemistryclick here
124 Microbiology, Genetics, Chemistryclick here
125 Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistryclick here
127 Biotechnology, Zoology, Chemistryclick here

Code CombinationsSyllabus
151 History-Telugu Lit, Political Scienceclick here
153 Economics, Pub Admin, Political Scienceclick here

Code CombinationsSyllabus
161 Economics, Public Admin., Political Scienceclick here
165 History, Public Administration, Political Scienceclick here
166 History, Sociology, Geographyclick here
169 Psychology, Sociology, Philosophyclick here
171 Psychology, Sociology, Marketingclick here
174 Psychology, Sociology, Philosophyclick here
175 Psychology, English Literature, Marketingclick here
177 Sociology , Urdu, Persianclick here
178 History, Hindi, Sanskritclick here

Code CombinationsSyllabus
141 B. Com. (Regular)click here
143 B. Com. (Computer Applications)click here