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Rules & Regulations
  • Every  (UG) Student is eligible for 3 (Three) Non-transferable Library Borrower Cards, on which he/she can borrow 3 Books for a Period of 15 Days.
  • Every P.G & MBA,MCA student is eligible for 4 (Four) Non-transferable Library Borrower Cards, on which he/she can borrow 4 Books for Period of 15 Days.
  • Every faculty member is eligible to borrow 4 (Four) books and retain them for 15 days.
  • In case the Book is lost, the Borrower has to REPLACE the Same Edition or the LATEST EDITION of the Lost Book. If the Book is not available the borrower has to pay Two times the COST of the Book.
  • All the Students should RETURN their Library Borrower Cards after completion of their Course and obtain a NO-DUE Certificate from the Library.
  • While borrowing the Book(s), the student is advised to ensure that the Book (s) is in PROPER condition. If any Pages are MISSING or DAMAGED, inform the same to the Library Staff on Duty.
  • The students should get the borrowed books CHECKED at the EXIT GATE and cooperate with the Library Staff.
  • Avoid making Pencil / Pen Marks, Underlining, or any other type of Damage to the Book(s). If any such things are noticed at the time of returning the books, the Borrower will be held RESPONSIBLE for replacement of books.
  • REFERENCE BOOKS & JOURNALS will not be issued to students and they should be referred WITHIN the Library & Reference Section only.
  • Faculty can borrow a reference book for 2 days consult the Library Staff on Duty for any other Information or Clarification.
  • SILENCE & CLEANLINESS is to be strictly maintained in and around the Library.
  • Cell Phone talking and using of MP3 players are NOT allowed inside the Library.
  • Students are advised to BWFORE ENTERING IN THE LIBRARY PLEASE SIGN. In the Register of Entrance.
  • Students are advised to bring their ID Cards, whenever they visit the Library.
  • Students are advised DO NOT to Exchange the Library Cards.
  • Students are advised DO NOT to take more than one copy of the Same Book.
  • Students are advised not to keep any valuables in their bags kept outside the Library Property counter.
  • Library Staff are not responsible for any such loss.
  • Reprography facility is available at Library at Nizam College Office Premises for Photocopying.
  • On leaving the Library, all users are requested to extend their cooperation for the Inspection of all books and items taken out of the Library.
S.No Name of the Member Designation Position
1 Prof.B. Bhima Principal Chairperson
2 Dr. G. Upender Reddy Vice-Principal Member
3 Dr. P.Ramesh Head, Dept of History, NCL,O.U. Member
4 Dr. Apka Nageshwa Rao Head, Dept. of Zoology,NCL,O.U. Member
5 Dr. B. Thirupathi Head, Dept. of Business Management,NCL,O.U. Member
6 Dr. V. Kumaraswamy Head, Dept. of Telugu, O.U. Member
7 Dr. Ch. Kishore Kumar Asst Prof. Dept. of  Mathematics, NCL.-,O.U Member
8 Ms. A. Laxmi Asst Prof.(C) Dept. Of Marketing, NCl.O.U Member
9 Dr. B.Kumar Librarian Convener

About Library

The Nizam College library was established in the year 1986 as a Learning Resource Centre. The facility is ideally and centrally located in the main Library Block of the campus. Even with the Central location of the facility, it has a calm and serene environment, ideal for students and faculty to have a focused approach. The library is computerized with complete automation with New Genlib Software in all operations.

It is spread over an area of about 1022.196 sq yards with an earmarked reading hall space of about 3801 sq feet It has a seating capacity of about 150 students in the reading area and 30 students seating capacity of Study Centre area with 926.29 sq. feet and 13 computers for access to digital library, OPAC and Lending Section. Books are issued to students and staff with a bar-coding system. The facility can be accessed from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm on working days. The Study Centre working hours are 09:00am to 06:00pm Library space and ambiance, timings and usage, availability of a qualified librarian and other staff, Library automation, online access are all part of the Institution mission to provide quality learning space for its students and Staff.

Sections of the Library 

  • Stacks
  • Reading/Reference
  • Lending
  • Technical
  • e-Resources
  • Study Centre
  • SC/ST Book Bank
  • Ladies Lounge
  • Librarian Room

1 M.A. M.Com, M.Sc. All Branches
2 B.A. B.Com, BSc.BBA, All Branches
3 M.B.A M.C.A. B.C.A All Branches

The Nizam College Library Resources at Glance

Total Area 1022.196 sq yards
Reading Section 3801.42 sq feet
Seating Capacity 180
No. of Titles 850
No. of Text Books 1,42.207
SC/ST Book Bank 6140
Gift Books 2415
Total Collection 1,50,762
  • DELNET (Database)
  • J-Gate(E-Journal)
Average number of users per day 200

Average number of Issues per day 60

Total Number of CDs Collection 69

Total No. of Systems in the Digital Library 10

The library is automated with New GenLib, which is integrated library management software developed by verus solutions. We are using NewGenLib Enterprise edition Version 2.1.1 (Major Version 2) since 2006.

The following facilities are available in NewGenLib.

  • See the details of the records as well as their availability
  • Reserve Items
  • Request for check out
  • View their transaction history
  • View their current check outs and also renew them
  • View their current reservations and also cancel them
  • View their current requests and check out and also cancel them
  • List of new arrivals
 Library Working Hours


Main Library

10:00AM to 04:30


Study Centre

10:00AM  to 06:00PM

Digital Library is also provided for the continuous updating of recent technologies. Internet facility is available for Students and Staff. E-Resources like J.Gate Plus e-Journals, DELNET and e-Books are available in the digital e-Resources Library. These can be accessed through automated NewGenLib software. The total 10 Computers in the e-Resources are available both normal and disabled students.

The Computerized bibliographic details of the books, CDs, Back volumes of the journals are available in the library through the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) service. The users can access the OPAC on the intranet through the web based OPAC module by clicking below :


Resource URL

No of Journals

1 ACM Digital Library 145
2 American Chemical Society 49
3 American Institute of Physics 19
4 American Physical Society 15
5 Annual Reviews 43
6 ASCE Journals Online 36
7 ASME Journals Online 29
8 Bentham Pharmacy 23
9 Economic & Political Weekly 1
10 JCCC Database
11 JSTOR 3165
12 MathSciNet 1 Database
13 Oxford University Press 262
14 Project Muse 676
15 SciFinder Scholar 1 Database
16 Springer Link 1722
17 Taylor and Francis 1078
18 Web of Science 1 Database
19 Institute for studies in Industrial Development ISID Database 1 Database
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